• Music Central In The Community

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    Music Central is proud to give back to our community.  We support many different charities via fashion shows, providing lighting, PA’s, music etc..  We are privledged to be involved with charities such as the CIBC Run For The Cure, Braz For A Cause, the Arthritis Foundation, the Thyroid Foundation, Special Olympics, the Tara Bo0m Foundation and many more. We recently did an event in London’s Victoria Park for CIBC Run For The Cure with 103.1 Fresh FM providing a PA and music as well working the sound for Shelley Rastin and Darcy Corbett. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dywwRgPcL8o&feature=youtu.be


  • Photo Booth on The Price Is Right

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    Open Air Photo Booth just like ours on the TV game show 'The Price Is Right'

    hello kitty bounce house for sale

  • Music Central’s Classic Album of the Week: The Waiting

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    Every week or so I would look like to highlight an album from the past. My aim is to bring back some fond memories and create some discussion. My goal is to keep it as local (South-western Ontario) and Canadian as possible that way this blog can be a home for some local music history.
    This week we are highlighting London’s The Waiting’s self-titled album. Issued in 1985, recorded and mixed at London’s EMAC Sound. The Waiting were Julie Choquette (lead vocals), Ernie Leitch (guitar, vocals), Stuart Leitch (guitar, vocals), Mike Smit (bass, vocals), Jonathan Davis (drums, organ, vocals) and Rob Menegoni (percussion, vocals). The album was produced by Mark Goodwin along with Ernie Leitch and Rob Nation. Engineering was by EMAC’s Rob Nation and Joe Vaughn.
    If you frequented the bar Call The Office in the mid 80’s then you probably caught them as they were one of the regular local bands to play. As a grad of both Westminster Secondary School and Fanshawe’s Music Industry Arts course, I am particuarily proud of the Waiting. Rob, Ernie, Stuart and Mike all went to Westminster. Rob, Julie and Ernie are all M.I.A. grads and this is where the band was born.
    I encourage others but especially the band, if they like to add any information, anecdotes or stories. From the picture of the back of the album cover you can see that this was autographed for Rick and Jane. I am sure there is a story there somewhere.

    Here is more info from the CHRW (Radio Western) archives.

  • Music Central Live Music

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    Music Central LIVE:
    Sometimes you can’t just beat a live musical performance. There is something about it that can elevate a feeling or vibe like nothing else can. If, as a bride, you have envisioned walking down the aisle to a certain live music whether it be strings, harp, or something more contemporary we encourage you to follow through with that vision.
    As London Ontario and area’s most respected DJ company, we have often been asked to recommend live musicians. Usually for the ceremony or perhaps music during cocktails and/or dinner. We have been always glad to oblige having a large network of musician friends who are all excellent players. In our pursuit, to be a one stop shop for all of our client’s entertainment needs we have finally decided to expand musically and create a live music division. We are in the process of developing a roster of some of the most talented musicians this region has to offer.
    Our Live Music Team:
    Nancy Stewart (Vocalist/Pianist)
    Weddings: Ceremonies, Cocktails, Dinner Music and First Dances.
    Corporate: Cocktail & Dinner Music
    Adding live music to
    your wedding is a great way to make your special day even more memorable. Nancy is best-known for her creative re-makes
    of both timeless favourites and top forty hits.
    She is not your ordinary wedding singer — her cocktail repertoire
    includes songs by Katie Perry, Tao Cruz, Kings of Leon and more. Dinner music ranges from Michael Buble to
    Michael Jackson. Nancy has been
    performing for over 20 years and we’re proud to have her as part of the Music
    Central team leading our live music division.
    Testimonial: (Amanda & Craig, October, 2012)
    “The decision is hire Music Central
    for our wedding day was not a difficult one. With all the great things we
    had heard about them, we knew we wouldn’t regret it. Rob was very pleasant
    to work with, covering every detail about music, things we had not even
    thought about, which made us realize just how experienced they are.
    We chose to go with Music Cental’s live music for our ceremony,
    and Nancy was just amazing! When we went in for a demo we had goosebumps
    because she is just THAT good! If anyone is thinking about live
    music, they need her! Her singing is just incredible! Some people had
    told us that we wouldn’t remember ceremony music because it is all just a
    blur, but we definitely will remember. It added such a special touch to
    our ceremony and I was even singing along! A guest at the wedding
    told me that they had to go and compliment her in person because her singing
    was so beautiful. She even learned new songs for us, and sang our first
    dance song, and we could tell she put work into making it all sound
    The DJ Greg was really fun to work with but also maintained his
    professionalism at the same time. I don’t think I left the dance floor most of
    the night, and I think that’s all that needs to be said to prove just how
    great the music was and how great of a job the DJ did!
    We wouldn’t change anything about the music from our wedding day. When your
    wedding was a blast and you had SO much fun, you know that a big part of that
    has to be because the entertainment was awesome!!
    You have made the right choice if you’ve hired Music Central for your wedding
    Thanks again to the whole Music Central team for making our wedding day perfect
    and one we will never forget!
    Amanda & Craig”
    Don Baker: Keys/Piano & Vocals
    London born Don Baker, who has done several hundred weddings as a live musician as well as a DJ, is heading up this venture for Music Central. He is one of this area’s most respected musicians and has worked with the likes of Andrea Bocelli and David Foster.
    Carly Thomas (Guitar & Vocals):
    Carly is a very talented London based musician originally from New York City who has a laid back comtemporary feel. With a huge reportoire she can entertain a wedding from ceremony to cocktails.
    Other Recommended Live Musicians:
    Although Music Central Entertainment has a growing stable of performers as part of our live music division, there are certain aspects musically whose talents we gladly defer to.
    Encore Music London (String Quartet)
  • The Music Central Vendor Network

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    At Music Central we strongly believe that every event requires a team to make it run smoothly. In the event of a wedding, the bride and groom are part of this team and all the players should be working together with one common goal: a successful event. That is why when planning an event it is so important that you build a strong team and one that work well with each other.

    Over the years Music Central has become the most respected DJ service in the London area and are blessed to be recommended by so many of our vendor friends.

    We are continually and gradually adding to our list but for now here is a sampling of vendors we enjoy working with:

    Live Musicians:

    Although Music Central Entertainment has a growing stable of performers as part of our live music division, there are certain aspects musically whose talents we gladly defer to.

    Encore Music London (String Quartet)

    519-601-0505 http://www.encoremusiclondon.com



    Kettle Creek Weddings

    1-877-407-1744 (Kristen)

    email: weddings@kettlecreekweddings.com



    HRM Photography


    The Last Forty Percent Photography


    Wedding Planners/Consultants:

    Preludes Marraige Proposal & Wedding Planning (Joanne Burke)





    Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Suites London

    1150 Wellington Road South,

    London, ON, N6E 1M3




    From the guestrooms to the
    dinner, planning an event should be uncomplicated. Book with Four Points by
    Sheraton London
    and we’ll be there to
    ensure that everything goes well along the way!

  • Four Memories Photo Booth

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    What a great addition to your party! So much fun and a fantastic new way to entertain your guests. Certainly not a replacement for a professional photographer as our Photo Booth is geared to the entertainment side of things although the pictures are a wonderful keepsake for both you and your guests cheap bounce house.


    The Photo Booth is a great addition to any event. Here is a sample of what is possible:
    Weddings, Stag and Does, Fundraisers, High School Semi-Formals, High School Proms, School Grads, Corporate Events, Store Openings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, B’Nai Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, La Quinceanera, Sweet 16, Christmas Parties, Bridal Showers, Engagement Parties and Retirement Parties.


    Our booths are designed by Open Air Photo Booths in California. As the name implies, the booth is designed to be open (no enclosure). The two main positives are that it can be moved based on the number of people in the shot. Up close for intimate shots but can be moved back to take in more people. In most cases you can fit up to 5 or 6 people into the frame. As well, it is always fun for people outside the booth to watch how much fun it is.

    If you prefer to have an enclosure based on personal preference or if the event is outside we do have a tent option.

    The minimum amount of room we take up is about 6 feet by 6 feet but it is always a good idea to have a little more to allow for the scrapbook table as well as the prop area.

    Prints are 4″ x 6″ and are made up of two identical strips. The assistant will cut this print and, in the case of weddings, put one in the scrapbook and give the other to the guest. Copies are available on the fly if needed. The strips are printed instantly normally taking about 30 seconds. Allow a bit more time for printing if it is a green screen. At the time of the sitting your guest has the choice of a colour or a black and white print.


    As part of Music Central Entertainment, we do encourage you to take advantage of both the music (DJ or live) as well as the Photo Booth. We offer a substantial discount (almost 30%) off the booth when booking both. However, we do offer just the Photo Booth on its own!

    Our wedding package comes with unlimited pictures, keepsake scrapbook personalized by your guests, picture disc full of all the images ready to share on facebook, an assistant to encourage your guests to dress up as well as to keep things flowing smoothly, customized footer (the place on the bottom of the strip to put your names and wedding date), backdrop with bench and, of course, our most popular collection of a wide variety of props and costumes. Depending on the number of guests, a second assistant may be present to help keep everything flowing. We have found to maximize the fun of the booth that the best times are later after speeches. However, some people to prefer to split the package up and this if possible. There may be an additional charge for the lag time. For our most popular four hour package the 8:30 to 12:30 time frame seems to work the best.

    Three Hours – $749.00 with discount ($1049.00 regular price).

    Four Hours – $899.00 with discount ($1199.00 regular price). (MOST POPULAR!)

    Both packages include unlimited sittings within that time frame, booth assistant(s) [fun promoters], prop box and picture disc.

    Additional Options:

    Scrapbook: $50.00 (free for a limited time to all wedding clients).

    Postcard Option: $50.00 (free for a limited time to all corporate clients)

    Green Screen: $125.00

    Party Upload Option: (instantly upload images to your guest’s mobile device for posting on facebook etc.) – COMING SOON!

    Please note that prices do not include taxes as well they are just for the photo booth and not a combined price for both the music as well as the booth. For more info on DJ prices please go to http://www.musiccentral.ca/weddings.html.

    You Tube Examples:

    Girls Having Fun at the London Bridal Expo

    Open Air Photo Booth Videos


  • School of Spin & Music Central Entertainment on TaggTV

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    Check out our video on TaggTV. A good look inside the school and some great testimonials from current students as well as graduates Australia.

  • School of Spin DJ School & Music Academy

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    Well it’s official.  After years of planning and dreaming the School of Spin is about to open its doors for business.  Almost 4 years in the making with lots of hurdles, ups and downs and bull headed persistance my vision is about to become reality.  Very cool.  Very scary.

    What is it?  It is a one of a kind learning experience.  London’s very first school to promote the enhancement of the art that is DJing.  We do teach the tricks of the trade such as scratching but approach the entire course in a much more broad based fashion.  With a fundamental ethical base we teach our students to respect one another and those that create the music we spin.   We help our students understand music fundamentals, details on equipment and it’s care as well as the basics of beatmatching and blending and so much more.趣味冲关

    Future plans include a recording studio to allow for us to teach music production as well as rehearsal space for music lessons on various instruments.  Classes on music appreciation are also planned.  I am probably most excited about our junion division for students in grades 6 to 8 as well as our summer camp.

    More details to come along with a bit of history and how I was fortunate enough to cross paths with our head instructor, DJ Ruckus, who shared my vision and passion for this artform.

    For more information, visit our site at www.schoolofspin.ca.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank one of our primary supporters, the PA Shop (www.pashop.com).

  • Music Central is a member of the C.D.J.A. (Canadian Disc Jockey Association)

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    Music Central is a long standing member of the South-Western Ontario Chapter of the C.D.J.A. (Canadian Disc Jockey Service).  A long standing and active member since the late 1980’s,  I have served as co-president and for the last few years acted as treasurer. 

    Why be part of an association?  A good part of it is that I take this thing called DJing seriously.  I care about what we do and want to do whatever we can to do it as professionally as possible.  Music Central is one of the most respected providers of entertainment in the region and want to make sure we do everything we can to maintain the level of confidence our clients and the people in the industry have in us.  I believe being a member, participating as much as possible and most certainly attending as many meetings as I can, gives me a better perspective on the industry in general.  Keeping me up to date with any trends or changes.  It allows me to meet on a regular basis with my colleagues in the business and gives us a chance to talk about the various aspects of the industry.  This is definately one of the key benefits, among many, that come with being part of this group.

    What are the benefits to you the consumer to hiring a C.D.J.A. member?  Well to make it easy on myself I will simply cut and paste nine of the advantages below right from their website.  However, to summarize, it really comes down to professionalism.  The annual fee is affordable and the benefits far outway any costs so there really is no reason not to for those that are serious about what they do. 

    All CDJA Members:

    1. must have Liability Insurance to be a member.
    2. must have some form of AVLA Music (copying) Licencing.
    3. must provide evidence of equipment back-up or support back-up.
    4. Are serviced with a huge support system of educational material for professional development which effect performance for customers’ events.
    5. Are supported by a long list of promotional benefits that lessen costs to the DJ and allows the savings to be passed on to customers.
    6. Have the strongest Constitution, Code of Ethics, Privacy Policy and Mediation Service in the DJ business scene.
    7. Must provide National with a copied proof of their Business Registration.
    8. Must provide National with a copy of their Business Contract.
    9. Must sign to accept these provisions in order to become a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association.

    Feel free to check out their website at http://www.cdja.ca/.

    When hiring a DJ certainly consider membership in this association as a plus.  Another important thing to consider when hiring a DJ is whether they use legal and licensed music but that can wait for another blog.

    For information on this and other aspects of the business feel free to contact us.



    Rob Aitken


    Music Central Entertainment


  • The H.S.T. and Music Central

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    Recently I spent a day learning about the new Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (H.S.T.) and how it will affect our company and our clients.  Normally spending hours learning about such things wouldn’t necessarily be my cup of tea but I must say that both Revenue Canada and the Ministry of Finance put on a really good event.  I was fortunate enough to have some one on one time with not just one, but two Revenue Canada representatives and asked some very detailed questions specific to Music Central Inflatable Ball.  Although the new tax is pretty straightforward, there are some details in the initial integration and transition that you should be aware of.

    Given that we are a service, the H.S.T. is going to come into play in a big way.  Please note that these details are specific to our company and how we have handled our accounting in the past so therefore may not be an accurate representation of other companies practices.  Here is the breakdown:

    1. As of July 1st we will be charging 13% (H.S.T.) on all our services versus the 5% we charge now.  This represents the merging of the P.S.T. and G.S.T. on services that were prior to this exempt from the provincial tax.  Just a reminder to our corporate clients that they will be able to use the entire amount as an input tax credit.

    2.  IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE NEW INCREASE!  If you have not yet booked for an event being held after July 1st, you must do so BEFORE MAY 1st.  That means that a verbal go ahead must be given prior to that date so that the paperwork can be sent out with an April 30th or before date.  As far as a deposit, it can arrive later but we need confirmation prior to May 1st.

    3.  If you have not booked yet, but your event is prior to July 2010 then you only have to pay the G.S.T. (5%).

    4.  If you have already booked with us for a date after July 1, 2010 and paperwork has been sent out with just the G.S.T. then you will continue to pay just the G.S.T..  An advantage for booking early!  If you have yet to send your deposit in please do so as soon as possible to make things official.

    When I originally heard the Ontario governments plans to implement this harmonization I was concerned.  The Disc Jockey business has and always will have a large ’cottage industry’ componant to it.  There are alot of legitimate single operators who because they may make under the $30,000 in annual business revenue do not have to apply for this.  And there are also alot of not so legitamate people as well (another blog for another time).    I had a very frank discussion regarding this with the Revenue Canada people and they are aware that this may escalate the underground economy even further.  We will counter this by continuing to provide an excellent service and striving to give more than required (the extra 10% as I like to tell the team).  We will continue to explain the advantages of working with a multi-op company.  And, there maybe, for a period of time, an offer, some kind of discount, to soften the blow of the increase.  We are still giving this serious thought and will be sure to let you know by May, though just a heads up, that the advantage will still be to book prior to May 1st.

    Hope that clears things up at least as far as our part with the new harmonized tax.  As always feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Here are a few links to check out:

    Preparing for the HST – What You Need to Know Checklist







    feedback.rev@ontario.ca or call 1 866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297)


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