• Music Central is a member of the C.D.J.A. (Canadian Disc Jockey Association)

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    Music Central is a long standing member of the South-Western Ontario Chapter of the C.D.J.A. (Canadian Disc Jockey Service).  A long standing and active member since the late 1980’s,  I have served as co-president and for the last few years acted as treasurer. 

    Why be part of an association?  A good part of it is that I take this thing called DJing seriously.  I care about what we do and want to do whatever we can to do it as professionally as possible.  Music Central is one of the most respected providers of entertainment in the region and want to make sure we do everything we can to maintain the level of confidence our clients and the people in the industry have in us.  I believe being a member, participating as much as possible and most certainly attending as many meetings as I can, gives me a better perspective on the industry in general.  Keeping me up to date with any trends or changes.  It allows me to meet on a regular basis with my colleagues in the business and gives us a chance to talk about the various aspects of the industry.  This is definately one of the key benefits, among many, that come with being part of this group.

    What are the benefits to you the consumer to hiring a C.D.J.A. member?  Well to make it easy on myself I will simply cut and paste nine of the advantages below right from their website.  However, to summarize, it really comes down to professionalism.  The annual fee is affordable and the benefits far outway any costs so there really is no reason not to for those that are serious about what they do. 

    All CDJA Members:

    1. must have Liability Insurance to be a member.
    2. must have some form of AVLA Music (copying) Licencing.
    3. must provide evidence of equipment back-up or support back-up.
    4. Are serviced with a huge support system of educational material for professional development which effect performance for customers’ events.
    5. Are supported by a long list of promotional benefits that lessen costs to the DJ and allows the savings to be passed on to customers.
    6. Have the strongest Constitution, Code of Ethics, Privacy Policy and Mediation Service in the DJ business scene.
    7. Must provide National with a copied proof of their Business Registration.
    8. Must provide National with a copy of their Business Contract.
    9. Must sign to accept these provisions in order to become a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association.

    Feel free to check out their website at http://www.cdja.ca/.

    When hiring a DJ certainly consider membership in this association as a plus.  Another important thing to consider when hiring a DJ is whether they use legal and licensed music but that can wait for another blog.

    For information on this and other aspects of the business feel free to contact us.



    Rob Aitken


    Music Central Entertainment