• Music Central’s Classic Album of the Week: The Waiting

    Date: 2012.04.04 | Category: Blogs by Rob, Music Central Album of the Week | Tags: ,,,,,

    Every week or so I would look like to highlight an album from the past. My aim is to bring back some fond memories and create some discussion. My goal is to keep it as local (South-western Ontario) and Canadian as possible that way this blog can be a home for some local music history.
    This week we are highlighting London’s The Waiting’s self-titled album. Issued in 1985, recorded and mixed at London’s EMAC Sound. The Waiting were Julie Choquette (lead vocals), Ernie Leitch (guitar, vocals), Stuart Leitch (guitar, vocals), Mike Smit (bass, vocals), Jonathan Davis (drums, organ, vocals) and Rob Menegoni (percussion, vocals). The album was produced by Mark Goodwin along with Ernie Leitch and Rob Nation. Engineering was by EMAC’s Rob Nation and Joe Vaughn.
    If you frequented the bar Call The Office in the mid 80’s then you probably caught them as they were one of the regular local bands to play. As a grad of both Westminster Secondary School and Fanshawe’s Music Industry Arts course, I am particuarily proud of the Waiting. Rob, Ernie, Stuart and Mike all went to Westminster. Rob, Julie and Ernie are all M.I.A. grads and this is where the band was born.
    I encourage others but especially the band, if they like to add any information, anecdotes or stories. From the picture of the back of the album cover you can see that this was autographed for Rick and Jane. I am sure there is a story there somewhere.

    Here is more info from the CHRW (Radio Western) archives.