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    Well it’s official.  After years of planning and dreaming the School of Spin is about to open its doors for business.  Almost 4 years in the making with lots of hurdles, ups and downs and bull headed persistance my vision is about to become reality.  Very cool.  Very scary.

    What is it?  It is a one of a kind learning experience.  London’s very first school to promote the enhancement of the art that is DJing.  We do teach the tricks of the trade such as scratching but approach the entire course in a much more broad based fashion.  With a fundamental ethical base we teach our students to respect one another and those that create the music we spin.   We help our students understand music fundamentals, details on equipment and it’s care as well as the basics of beatmatching and blending and so much more.趣味冲关

    Future plans include a recording studio to allow for us to teach music production as well as rehearsal space for music lessons on various instruments.  Classes on music appreciation are also planned.  I am probably most excited about our junion division for students in grades 6 to 8 as well as our summer camp.

    More details to come along with a bit of history and how I was fortunate enough to cross paths with our head instructor, DJ Ruckus, who shared my vision and passion for this artform.

    For more information, visit our site at www.schoolofspin.ca.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank one of our primary supporters, the PA Shop (www.pashop.com).